Haledon operates the water system on behalf of the Manchester Utilities Authority, or "MUA". Water sold to customers is purchased from Passaic Valley Water Commission.

Please contact 973-942-9027 x106 or dwahad@muawater.net with questions or concerns.

Additional contact numbers and emails are available here

General Information

PDF 2016 Notice to Bidders
PDF 2016 RFQs Public Notice
PDF DEP Letter to Customers

PDF Current Rates

PDF 2015 MUA Meeting Dates

PDF Senior Discount Program Approved

PDF Home Serv Notice

PDF 2016 MUA Budget
PDF 2015 MUA Budget
PDF 2014 MUA Budget
PDF 2013 MUA Budget
PDF 2012 MUA Budget
PDF 2011 MUA Budget

PDF 2010-2011 Financial Statement
PDF 2011-2012 Financial Statement
PDF 2012-2013 Financial Statement
PDF 2013-2014 Financial Statement

PDF 2015 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

PDF Open Public Records Act Request Form

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